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Bathroom Bath Tub Caddy with Wine, Candle & Book Holder

Product Information:

  • Candle holder (detachable), 2 x wine glass holders (detachable),Book stand (detachable)
  • Three built-in compartments (one large and two smaller sized ones)
  • All made of polished metal with the handles coated in soft white rubber to prevent scratching
  • Caddy measures 20cm wide by 38cm in length
  • Handles extend to 90cm in length for a perfect fit whether in your large bath or canoe!

Item Description

The Bath Caddy is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys a good bath to relax.

Imagine sinking into a sea of scented bubbles with the soft flickering candle light. If you fancy a read then the bath rest will prop open your favorite book without getting it soaking wet.

Now you can unwind for hours in self-indulgent bliss with your book held for you in a secure holder (with adjustable tilt), a glass of wine (or two!) popped into the swiveling holders and all lit by the warm ambient glow of your chosen candle.

If you’re a master of hot tap toe-control then you may never the leave the bath again!

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