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Magic Chain Wine Bottle Stand

Product Information:

  • Create a magical optical illusion with this chain wine bottle holder
  • This quirky gift gives holds a bottle of wine using the force of gravity and gives the impression that it’s suspended in mid-air
  • 12 month manufacturer’s warranty (unless otherwise specified)

Item Description

The eyes have it – and at least in the case of this fabulous optical illusion, they may well be telling your brain something it does not want to believe – namely that a fully-laden wine bottle appears to be floating in mid air, restrained only by a heavy metal chain. Cripes. Incredibly, the bottle not only appears to be suspended in mid-air, but seems to be dragging the chain upwards. How so? It’s all to do with the principle of balance, you see. The chain is made from solid nickel-plated iron and comes pre-shaped, complete with a hole for the insertion of said bottle. The bottle is then held in position and acts as a counterbalance, acting against the weight of the vertical portion of the chain, thus ensuring that the whole assembly is rock solid. Place it as the centrepiece of one’s evening entertainments and one is surely due a reaction from one’s adoring guests. Use it to show-off one’s favourite bottle of supermarket plonk. Or simply pop it atop the mantelpiece and await gasps from visitors, tradesmen and the like. No-one can fathom the genius of the Magic Chain Wine Bottle Stand. No-one, that is, except you.

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